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jdR Wine & Beer

About Us

What We Do

Value & Quality. We offer hundreds of Wine, Beer & Spirits, at prices that beat or match a large retailer, but with the service of a small shop.

I built a small store that bends a few rules. Designed to offer Incredible value unmatched in most retail stores, combined with a career of amazing wine, beer and spirits! I hope you enjoy our little spot!

- chef/proprietor
John des Rosiers

Need Something Special?

We sell a full line up of Wine priced from $9 - $500 per bottle. Plus 50 craft beers, and a full compliment of snacks, charcuterie, cheeses, etc.

If we do not carry what you are searching for, just ask!

Plus inquire about our special cellar program with custom sourcing and pricing.

Any order of $400 & 6 bottles not in our inventory has amazing, unpublished pricing. Designed to outfit your cellar at significant savIngs.

Easy Delivery, etc

We offer:
Online Ordering
Absolutely the Best Quality
Truly Affordable Pricing

We will deliver any order placed on our site within 8 miles.

Plus we will deliver any order greater than $500 up to 25 miles away!